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After all that emotional escapes in 2008, I really wanted to start new and get away from even being in that mode for 09.

Blah blah blah... so I've started a new blog that I hope is not influenced by the old.

So instead of me being here... I'm now HERE.

Hope I see you!!!

2009 Approaches ...  

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Well today is the last day of 2008. A year that really tried to beat the life out of me. And is still trying to up to this last day. I was looking forward very much to the end of this year. Not only because I was ready to get rid of the end of 08 but because I would be spending it at home in Tobago. But as usual I don't ever get things to work out as I wanted.

I have this psychic power that I need to tap into more at times cause I surely saw this coming since Sunday. I tried so much not to fall into the hole that started to open then, but I guess regardless of how u try, what's destined for you happens.

So the New Year is quickly approaching and I had hoped to ring it in happy, with the people that have helped me through 2008 in a positive light. It won't be so. Lol. What can I say, I can't control everything can I? And me trying to resolve things usually end up in me creating more unnecessary happenings.

Here's to everyone having a Prosperous New Year. I pray that things good will be in abundance for all. It seems like even my 2009 will be a totally different year than I expected, but I have to roll with the punches.

Have a good one!!

How Stupid of Me!  

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How stupid of me to think that I could get through the rest of 2008 quietly and happy. I have no idea why dumb thoughts get into my head and fool me into believing them. Obviously I have a serious problem.